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    Currently pending in the North Carolina appellate courts are Proctor (disabled firefighters and local government employees) and Whisnant (disabled teachers, law enforcement officers, other state government employees).

    Proctor and Whisnant follow from the precedents set by attorneys Marvin Schiller in Simpson and Faulkenbury and G. Eugene Boyce in Faulkenbury and Bailey.


    Simpson settled in 1990 on behalf of about 2,000 disabled firefighters and local government employees for $4.3 million in past increased underpaid disability retirement benefits and for future increased disability retirement benefits valued at more than $25 million.


    North Carolina’s Retirement System has restored to about 5,000 Faulkenbury disabled teachers, law enforcement officers, other state government employees proper benefits. The past underpaid benefits (dating back as far as 1987 with 4% statutory interest) have a valuation of about $100 million. The future increased lifetime benefits have a estimated valuation of about $100 million. Thousands of future disability retirees will also benefit from Faulkenbury

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